How to Join Us

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  • Teams that wish to replicate the surveys in their countries must be self-organized. During the data collection phase, it is important to engage as many industry representatives as possible to collaborate with the research.
  • Every Researcher at Production is committed to producing a standard of high quality scientific work and data analysis integrity.
  • Each respondent must be committed to collaborating with other teams, such as preparing and collecting data and analyzing and publishing data.
  • The entire committee will have access to all information regarding the results of replications. Therefore, the data can only be used after the authorization of the respective country team.
  • Each team will have access to the data collected from their country. Each member is committed to ensuring the information security of each data collected.
  • All teams can review and disclose, freely in their respective countries.

Before disclosing any data, there must be at least one joint publication with the organizing committee.