Wylliams Santos

Head and founder of REACT Labs. Doctor in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE. Master in Computer Science from UFPE (2011). Sandwich PhD at Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland (2015-2016). Graduated in Information Systems from the Faculty of Alagoas – FAL (2008) and Technician in Software Development from the Brazilian Institute of Technology – IBRATEC (2002).

He is currently an Adjunct Professor of the Stricto Sensu Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses (Master’s and Doctorate) in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Pernambuco (Poli / UPE). Permanent member of the Graduate Program in Computer Engineering (PPGEC). Member of the Postgraduate, Research and Innovation Chamber of the University of Pernambuco. Member of the IEEE. Member of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). Member of the Management Committee of the Special Commission on Information Systems (CESI) of SBC. His areas of interest and research include Software Engineering, Software Technical Debt, Agile Software Development, Digital Transformation, Industry-Academy Collaboration, and Empirical Software Engineering. Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Lean Inception Facilitator (CLF) and Management 3.0 (MGT 3.0).

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Software Engineering, Project Management And Digital Transformation Lab At UPE. Coordinator: Prof Dr Wylliams Santos


  • Engenharia de Software (Mestrado e Doutorado)
  • Aplicações em Engenharia de Software (Mestrado e Doutorado)
  • Tópicos Avançados em Engenharia de Software (Mestrado e Doutorado)
  • Engenharia de Software (Graduação)
  • Gestão de Projetos (Graduação)
  • Inglês Técnico (Graduação)


I am currently a member of the Special Committee on Information Systems/SBC (2022-2023), I am also a member of the Stricto Sensu Committee of the Polytechnic School of Pernambuco (Professor of the Graduate Program in Computer Engineering – PPGEC)

Research Interest

  • Agile Software Development:
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technical Debt
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Software Ecossystems


Here I list my latest publications. The full list is available here. You can also check my publication lists at DBLP, Research Gates and Google Scholar.

  • CARVALHO, HALCYON ; SOARES, WEDSON ; SANTOS, WYLLIAMS BARBOSA ; FAGUNDES, ROBERTA . A comparison study about parameter optimization using swarm algorithms. IEEE Access, v. 10, p. 1-1, 2022.
  • SANTOS MELQUIZEDEQUE CABRAL; SANTOS, WYLLIAMS BARBOSA ; OLIVEIRA, SANDRO RONALDO BEZERRA ; VASCONCELOS, ALEXANDRE MARCOS LINS DE ; SILVA, CARLA . A framework for continuous improvement of the IT acquisition process at Brazilian federal public organisations: an action-research study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (PRINT), v. 40, p. 137-176, 2022.
  • MELO, A. C. C ; FAGUNDES, ROBERTA ; LENARDUZZI, V. ; SANTOS, W. B. . Identification and measurement of Requirements Technical Debt in software development: A systematic literature review. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE, p. 111483-111508, 2022.



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